So when it comes to me, it’s kind of a mixed bag. I make a lot of character/creature artworks. But I also like to make Automation/BeamNG Drive screenshots and/or artworks.

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Thank you so much for scouting me!

Now that my artwork will be able to reach a wider audience, I will now try to do my best to get more involved with Newgrounds by making more artwork and songs. I also want to try new ideas as well, but I'm not entirely sure if they're allowed here on Newgrounds, so what I'll do is I'll link my Youtube channel here in Newgrounds, that way you can subscribe to me on Youtube, and see whatever ideas I have up my sleeve next.

You all have a fantastic day/night, and thank you all so much!


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"Sploot!" the 90's Cartoon episode ideas

Hello, users of Newgrounds! For a while now, I've been working on a project known as "Sploot!" The 90s Cartoon. Essentially, it's a fan project for UnknownSpy's currently most popular character Sploot. It features Sploot as the main character of a 90's Cartoon, where Sploot and their friends attempt to solve problems within the many different civilizations of the Galaxy. I've already made the OC artworks for all the main characters, a still of the first episode, and even a theme song! All of which you can check out right now.

But here's my grand plan, I'm going to make artworks of stills of every episode of the first season (1991 - 1992), and you, that's right...you, get to submit ideas for the episodes of the first season. You will be required to share your plot idea in the comments, to see an example read the description of the first episode still that I have. However, you are also allowed to make a detailed analysis of the premise as well. Remember, all of the characters have their own personalities and backstories. So give each one of them a good reading.

I can't wait to see what awesome ideas you'll come up with! See you soon!